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Liam the Leprechaun
and the
Enchanted Gold

Liam, the Lemont Leprechaun, has been living in these quarries ever since the building of the I&M Canal. Last year, Liam’s golden pickaxe was stolen by some naughty goblins. Thankfully, many helpful treasure hunters worked together to help recover it. His cousin, Cian the Clurichaun, was jealous of all the attention Liam had gotten, and joined up with the goblins. They stole many of Liam’s items that he needs to enchant his gold coins so he can go back to Ireland. 


Cian and the Goblins are very forgetful, so they created a map of where all the items can be found. One of the Forge staff members found this map on the ground, but is too busy keeping goblins out of the park to go on this adventure. Use the map to navigate to five different locations. Once there, scan the QR Code to get the riddles left by Cian to reveal the items he stole. Write down the answers to each of the riddles to complete the spell, so Liam can visit his home!

Near the Quarry woods in Ole’ Lemont

In the hollows of a tree

I played with naughty Goblins

Who are clever as can be.


You’ll never guess what we have stolen

And hidden in the crainns.

Above, below, and underneath

You'll have to use your brains.

- Cian the Clurichaun

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